PYHOF: Party On


We’re not even feeling a tiny shred of guilt with this line-up of songs that make us want to party. Come and join us with this week’s instalment of PYHOF. Take a dip, the party temperature feels fine.

Indeed, we have that thank-god-it’s-Friday feel here in the Lomography HQ and we thought that we could join you guys who still have the Mardi Gras, SXSW and St. Paddy’s Day celebration hangovers a quick hair of the dog remedy when it comes to music.

Credits: jasiehasie & alaskawilde

So we dug deep into our own party boxes to get a playlist of songs that make us want to put our red cups up in the air and just get lost in the music. It’s a good thing that we have a few suggestions straight from the Lomo HQ.

We have a bit of everything from the timeless classics like U Can’t Touch This, Just Can’t Get Enough and Heart of Glass to the all out hits of 1901 and I Want to Break Free. Just don’t spill your drinks when you hear these songs and just feel a dance coming on. Dancing shoes are optional.

PYHOF – Party On by Put Your Headphones on Fridays on Grooveshark

written by cheeo on 2014-03-21 #party #music #lifestyle #pyhof

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