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Aside from Lomography, I don’t really have a lot of passions that can be classified as “analogue.” But this one definitely is, and maybe you can support me, too: I’m collecting postcards.

My hometown: Mülheim an der Ruhr

I don’t remember how and when it began, but by now I have several hundred postcards from many parts of the world. This hobby may seem boring and bourgeois, but these postcards are a great source of inspiration. You can even try to find the spots where the pictures on it were taken when you visit the town where the card was from.

Of course I bought some myself when I was on vacation, but I got most of it from friends who have sent them to me while on a trip. Some are so old, ones that I have since I was a kid:

Monaco (MC), Marstal (DK), Berlin (D)

I like postcards that show photographs of several sights, landscape shots, or architectural details the most.

Rome (I), Regensburg (D), Wanroij (NL), Den Haag (NL), Mallorca (E), Magdeburg (D), Provence (F), Venice (I), Monastir (TN)

My friends, family, and I travel mainly within Europe. Therefore, a large part of my collection is from Germany and other European cities. I would love it if you could support me and would like to help increase my collection. Just write me a card from your hometown or from your next holiday destination! My (mailbox) address is:

D. Pætzel
Postfach 12 02 10
D-45472 Mülheim

Thank you in advance! I look forward to receiving your cards which I’ll be posting about in my blog!

Sometimes English are such killjoys

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