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For the second year running, on April 12th 2014 we are celebrating Film Photography Day! And as avid analogue lovers, we have prepared a bunch of great events, top prizes and a lot of surprises! Read more about what will happen on Film Photography Day 2014 near you after the jump!

After organizing the Worldwide Photo Caterpillar to celebrate the 1st Film Photography Day in 2013, this year on April 12th 2014 we, the film fanatics at Lomography, are bringing back one of THE analogue events our beloved community is most fond of: the LomoMatrix!

Film Photography Day (F.P.D) 2014 LomoMatrix events will be organized by our Lomography teams from cities around the world on April 12th so check with your local store for more details and join the fun! Special treats and surprises await you…

LomoMatrixes in Toronto, Barcelona and Paris by canadas-lomography and lk_rainbow and steven_vdw

Wondering what else is happening that day? Well, we won’t let you in on every single detail so we can still pleasantly surprise you, but here’s an overview of some of the worldwide events:

Hong Kong

We’ll kick everything off with the LomoMatrix followed by an amazing instore party, exhibition opening, film swap, live performance, LC-A+ give-away raffle and much more. We promise you, if you’re in Hong Kong, this is the place to be! Follow us on Facebook or check lomography.hk and stay up to date!


In Singapore we’ll head over to the Haw Par Villa theme park for the LomoMatrix and a day loaded with analogue fun. Find out more here


We’ll be taking you high, very high for our LomoMatrix as it will be held on top of our store's roof! If you don’t want to miss out on all this sky-high fun, then follow us on Facebook or Lomography.jp

The location of the Tokyo store LomoMatrix!


If you’re in Bangkok enjoy the Songkran Festival this weekend and cool off in the street events, remember though to keep your camera safe… you might get splashed. Grab your LC-A Krab or Fisheye Submarine and capture some amazing analogue pictures for Film Photography Day! Then join our LomoMatrix on April 19 directed by non-other than chaweemek and the awesome instore party on April 26! Stay tuned for more details.


Enjoy a whole Film Photography Day weekend in London, starting off with an Analogue Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, April 12th followed by some drinks, music and an awesome raffle draw in the store. All topped off with the infamous LomoMatrix on Sunday, April 13th (free drinks and goodie bags for everyone who participates). Follow us on Facebook or check the event section on Lomography.com, so you don’t miss a thing!


Our Parisian film aficionados will also enjoy a full day of analogue love, starting off with the LomoMatrix at the Jardin des Tuilleries/Champs de Mars and ending with some light painting and a great after-party full of surprises in the pop in bar. For more details check out the event details here and have a look on Facebook. Bisous!

New York

In New York we’ll take you for a ride on a bright yellow school bus to Coney Island to shoot our LomoMatrix. Make sure you book a place well in advance to secure your place on the bus! Then we’ll party at the store and celebrate Film Photography Day in true New York City style! More details will soon follow on Facebook and Lomography.com

… And the list doesn’t end here!

Amsterdam & Antwerp

We have a bunch of surprises prepared for you in the Benelux on April 12th, amongst others (like the film workshop in Amsterdam and the classic Diana F+ workshop in Antwerp), we dare you to take a break from digital and swap your digital camera for an analogue one! Sounds exciting? Then read more about it.


Join us in the Lomography Embassy Store Bratislava to celebrate Film Photography Day! We’ll have everything a good little party needs: great people, coffee and refreshments, good music, film, cameras… add in a small competition to win a camera and we guarantee this is something you don’t want to miss! Sounds fun? Here are more details. We’re waiting for you!


Get ready for an entire day of analogue fun! If you always wanted to try out film photography, April 12th is the perfect day to start: the whole day you can drop by our store and rent an analogue camera. While you’re here also enjoy some coffee specialties and snacks we prepared on this occasion and pose in our fun photo-booth! Than join us for the LomoWalk starting 4pm. Follow us on Facebook and stay up to date!

Buenos Aires

Spread the analogue love in Buenos Aires! Join us for an unforgettable day and one awesome LomoMatrix starting 11am at Plaza Sicilia, Lagos de Palermo! Come by our store, to find out more!


Join us on Film Photography Day to learn the basics of analogue photography! We’ll set you up with our wide-angled La Sardina camera and head out for a LomoWalk around Galata and Karaköy. Follow us on Facebook for more details.


Come down to our store in Lima and enter the Film Photography Day LomoWall raffle! All day long you can bring up to 5 of your favorite analogue pictures and contribute to the celebratory LomoWall. Each picture will give you the chance to enter our raffle and win from discounts up to a Diana F+. Then join us for a LomoWalk with analogue cameras starting 4pm. Find out more on our Facebook event and join us for even more surprises and loads of fun!


If you’re in Lisbon prepare for not one but two events! First we’ll start with our weekly LomoWalk heading from the store to Praça do Comércio. There we will meet up with other lomographers for… guess what… a LomoMatrix! Join our event on Facebook for more details and make sure you don’t miss out on this!


In Monterrey we’ll be celebrating Film Photography Day for 3 full days! Yes, you heard us right, 3 days of analogue love! We’ll kick everything off with and in-store exhibition followed by a party on April 11th. On April 12th join us for an exciting workshop and on April 13th we invite you for a picnic and the ultimate LomoMatrix! Follow us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with all the celebrations!


Of course we will also celebrate in our store from Porto! Join us on April 12th for a fine exhibition and an awesome LomoParty! Follow us on Facebook for more details will soon follow!


What better way to celebrate Film Photography Day than by creating our own LomoMatrix in Santiago?! Drop by our store or follow us on Facebook to find out more about it! Join the fun and LOMO ON!

Store not on the list?

Don’t worry, just get in touch with our lovely Lomography crews from around the world and prepare for a day celebrating the one passion we all have in common – Analogue Photography and the film loving community supporting it, a.k.a. YOU!

Don’t have a store nearby? Then join one of the other worldwide events organized by film aficionados around the world, or organize your own Film Photography Day Event and share the love for analogue photography! Register on meetup.com/lomography and call out for all film photography lovers in your city to join the fun.

For more great designs like this, download them here

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    LSI... when are you all going to reopen in Los Angeles??

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Film Photography Day Sabtu 12 April 2014 Bandung spot nya di mana nih

    @adi_totp @aditya-handoyo @bebopbebop @dhamable @ekeupratama @fadjaradiputra @git_redshot1108 @kuryzu @ngoki @panjihardjakaprabon @taufik_rachman @vespa66
    ? =D

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @hervinsyah park hopping aja pin.. taman jomblo taman musik taman taman yang ada di Bandung :D spread the word!!

  4. lucicj
    lucicj ·

    I'm putting up a Lomography meetup to celebrate FPD in Cluj, Romania, too: www.calatorie-fotografie.net/t306-sa-sarbatorim-impreuna-zi… . Let's express our love for analogue photography and shoot some film!

  5. lisapizza
    lisapizza ·

    What should you do if you are the only one in your area? Just walk around and take pictures? Are you interested in people submitting pictures this year or just the LomoMatrixes?

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