Then and Now: 17th Century Dutch Portraits Get 'Specimen' Recreations


Like many impressive artists who have made their own renditions of famous artworks, Michael Mapes has successfully incorporated his signature style on his recreations of famous paintings from the Dutch Golden Age of portraiture.

If you can still recall the elaborate specimen box portraits put together by Michael Mapes, we’re sure you’ll also be amazed at his latest work.

Inspired by Dutch Master portraiture, Michael dissected the prints of some notable paintings from the Dutch Golden Age portraiture and assembled them into new “specimens.” As with his previous collages, the pieces were either held in place with insect pins or housed in vials. To complete the “pseudo scientific” look of each piece, Michael has also added “a mix of other contrived materials ranging from hair samples, to recent photos, to costume jewelry.”

1639 painting of Maria Trip by Rembrandt. Photos via Michael Mapes's Website and artmight
1668 portrait of Geertruida den Dubbelde, painted by Bartholomeus van der Helst. Photos via Michael Mapes's Website and Wikimedia
1627 painting of Maria Swartenhont by Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy. Photos via Michael Mapes's Website and Pinterest

Want to see Micahel’s Dutch Master Collection up close? His latest specimen box collages are part of the Face to Face group show at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, Montana starting today, March 20 to August 24, 2014.

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