To Be Young Again: Dennis Auburn and His Wistful Photographs of Youth


Appreciating visual imagery can vary from one person to another. Young and talented photographer Dennis Auburn had us staring at his works for minutes before clicking on to see the next one.

Every day we browse through hundreds if not thousands of photos here at the Lomography HQ , both coming from the digital and analogue territories. But there always comes a time when we have to do a double back to see if the amazing visuals are indeed done in-camera. *Dennis Auburn* and his photographic body of work on film did not disappoint us during our search today.

Dennis Auburn is a 21 year old photographer based in Houston, Texas and his young career is already littered with commissioned work for different sites and publications. One look at his photographs and you already have an idea to why his works stand out.

Photos by Dennis Auburn

Auburn is all about shooting with film cameras and his photographs offer a dream-like look into reality. While most of his works center on the idea of youth, his approach in taking photographs can be considered timeless. No matter what age his audience may be, acknowledgement and praises like “stunning” and “beautiful” are almost always expected.

One thing to watch out for in Auburn’s photographs is his constant use of natural and artificial light as a means to create amazing in-camera effects like light flares and intentional light painting.

You can see more from the young photographer on his website and Tumblr. All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Dennis Auburn’s site.

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