Then and Now: Seth Taras’ ‘Know Where You Stand’


You’d probably be more conscious about the places you set foot at the next time you go on a trip after seeing this remarkable photo series by award-winning photographer Seth Taras.

_*Know Where You Stand*_ was a worldwide brand campaign created by the History Channel a few years ago in collaboration with Ground Zero advertising agency to “motivate people to understand the history of where they live by watching the History Channel.” In a nutshell, the series merged old black and white photographs of some of the most important events in history with their modern-day counterparts. *Seth Taras* was tapped to photograph the new shots of places which, through photo manipulation, he blended into a single shot. For his work Seth received many international accolades, most notably the prestigious Cannes Lion award.

From top: the Hindenburg disaster in 1937, the invasion of Normany in 1944, and the Berlin Wall in 1989. Photos by Seth Taras

In addition to these photographs, these TV spots were also created featuring each of the locations.

Hindenburg via YouTube
Hindenburg via YouTube
Hindenburg via YouTube

All information in this article were sourced from My Modern Met and Seth Taras Pictures via Tumblr. All photos featured in this article were taken from My Modern Met.

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