Then and Now: Artists Recreate Some Popular Album Covers


The mix of old and the new will never cease to amaze. This series of reinterpreted album covers of famous records will surely have something for the music lover and art enthusiast.

Music and art intertwine in this installment of _Then and Now_ as different artists join ranks in recreating some popular album covers with unique vintage and modern twists. 33.3 and 33.2 are art shows that feature the works of different artists that use different media to showcase their talents and skill in visual art.

The Ramones by Nicolas Coskan, Elvis Costello by Dyna Moe, Pulp by Rami Niemi and The Beach Boys by Andrew Kolb

From the Beach Boys to The Ramones and Elvis Costello to Sufjan Stevens, these reinterpreted album covers provide a wide array of visual notes for any art enthusiast. And as far as music tastes go, we can’t blame them for these album cover choices.

Beck by Chris Corkery, The Smiths by Luke Bott, Roxy Music by Stuart Peterson and Sufjan Stevens by Ty Wilkins

Aside from just giving these album covers a makeover, the design and style used in the album covers are somehow reminiscent of vintage-themed visuals that still pay homage to the original aesthetics of the covers. Not to mention that each album cover shows the artist’s unique style and choice of medium.

All information and photos in this article were sourced from 33.3 on Cargo Collective via Flavorwire.

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