Magical Long Exposures in Film by M. Valenti

If you haven’t experimented with long exposures in a while, the ethereal snaps you’ll find after the jump will definitely make you want to create your own fantasy land.

It’s a known fact among us lomographers that long exposure, along with light painting, are among the photographic techniques that let us get as experimental as we want — often with amazing results. For those who haven’t done long exposures and light paintings in a while, we have the impressive works of Flickr film photographer simply known as M. Valenti to serve as your inspiration.

Taken using a Pentax LX and Fujica G690 loaded with Kodak Ektachrome 160T, M. Valenti’s photos highlight the interesting shooting locations and occasions for his long exposure work. Much like Tokihiro Sato, he walked around in front of the camera with a flashlight in hand, beaming it periodically to create the magical effect of fireflies. For the fiery light streaks, we can only assume that he flailed around with a glow stick or something brighter.

Head over to M. Valenti’s Flickr set entitled night to see all of his beautiful long exposure work!

written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-03-19 #lifestyle #light-painting #long-exposures #film-photography #analogue-lifestyle #m-valenti

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