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Are you planning a romantic weekend with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Great! With this tipster you’ll discover how to turn it in a perfect chance to get some nice nude shots!

A weekend in a European capital is a great opportunity to make some funny street shots, but it can also become a chance to make a mini-photo set and make your partner pose nude.

This tipster doesn’t want to be a nude photography guide, but a list of useful tips to help you make the right choices before you leave for your trip. Goal: take pictures using just what you’ll find in your hotel room, without any external flash or backgrounds which should be difficult to carry with you.

Here’s what you’ll need:
*A camera with a fast lens
*A high-ASA film, best if 800
*A model who wants to pose for you
*A suitable hotel room.

Now the tips:

About the camera, it’s important to use one with a fast lens. Values like f/1.8 or f/1.4 would be perfect. Anyway don’t go over f/2. The reason is so easy: you won’t have a tripod with you so you’ll need enough light to use safe shutter speeds. A built-in exposure meter will be useful too. I used my Zenit 122, which help me to calculate the right exposition with three colored LEDs in the viewfinder.

About the film, it’s essential to use a fast one. 400 ASA will be fine, but if you want to be extra safe you’ll better chose a 800 ASA film, remember: you’re gonna shoot indoor and without a flashgun.

Finally, probably the most important thing: the hotel room.

A room with a cool wallpaper, different separately-controlled lights and a wide double bed can make the difference.

To find the right hotel i use a simple yet effective method. Some travel search engines let you filter your search by style, selecting the “design option” or other settings depending on the site you’re using. That way you’ll find a lot of modern or vintage hotels with cool room decor. Browse between room pictures, find a room that fits your needs and that’s it! Don’t worry about the price, luckily, European capitals are filled with nice mid-range hotels with a fair price.

One last tip. To get a soft atmosphere and get the best from the room lights you have to turn off every lamp except the spotlights or other secondary lights that you’ll surely find in your room. Adapt your set to these lights, moving the bed a little if needed so your subject will be in the right position. There were two spotlights over the bed in my room; I placed the model (my wife) right under them and I turned off every other lamp to get that nice grazing light over her face.

Well, now you just have to go. My pictures were taken in Amsterdam, a city that I really love, in a city-center hotel. Here below a gallery with the complete set. Have a nice trip!

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  1. ces1um
    ces1um ·

    Just thinking instant film might be a better choice here- the instax stuff is 800 iso and there's no external lab so nobody sees those photos other than you and your partner.

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