Childhood and modern vices merged in a humorous and vintage-y photo series


A Los Angeles-based photographer combined childhood, punishments, modern vices, and an old photographic process for a unique take on juxtaposing the past and the present. Read on to find out more and take a peek at the witty photo series that we’re sure you’ll find interesting and impressive!

Many of us have been guilty of petty offenses and moments of mischief in our youth, and I bet some of you even have memories of being made to promise — in writing, if you know what I mean — never to do these atrocities ever again. If you’re one of those who have vague memories of jotting down all those “I will nots” in your younger, more mischievous days, I’m sure you’ll like the witty photo series by Los Angeles photographer Jamie Johnson.

Entitled Vices, Jamie’s series pokes fun at today’s vices and misdeeds, with her young subjects photographed writing down all sorts of “I will not” promises. Seems plain and simple, I know, but a closer look will reveal the quirky habits and cheeky misdemeanors that adults of today are guilty of doing. To complete her juxtaposition of the past and present, Jamie used a large format camera and the wet collodion process, lending an age-old look to the series.

On Vices, Jamie says:

Vices was photographed with a wet plate collodion process that I feel illustrated the magical innocence of youth alongside the darker recesses of human nature. A vintage perspective on childhood punishments with a little humor.”

Check out Jamie Johnson's Website, Lens Scratch and PetaPixel to find out more about the photographer and her work!

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