The Comment Your Caption Rumble: Back to Basics Winners

2014-03-19 6

We all love LC-A+ and LC-Wide photographs. Why don’t we make it even more lovable with these funny and unforgettable captions? Check it out!

Credits: gnarlyleech

The Comment Your Caption Rumble: Back to Basics put the spotlight on three popular LC-A+ and LC-Wide photographs for everyone to exercise their skills in writing comedic and catchy captions. As much as we want to declare everyone as winners, these three Lomographers truly tickled our funny bones and sent us laughing on the floor with their lines:


Credits: myloveletter



Credits: singleelderly



Credits: gnarlyleech


You guys are hilarious! Congratulations! See you in our next The Comment Your Caption Rumble!

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  1. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    picture number 2 is wrong, the caption should be from dermanu

  2. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    @bebopbebop thank you for pointing that one out! fixed it. :)

  3. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    Congratulations! @micky_s, @dermanu, @ihave2pillows

  4. retro-girl
    retro-girl ·

    Great captions - you are all so funny :)

  5. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    This is funny, cause my caption for the second picture I thought to be least likely to win. ;-)

  6. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    hehehe omg really?! Cheers!! :-P

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