An Analogue Roadtrip to the Petzval Museum in Spišská Belá, Slovakia

2014-04-08 1

Once we heard that just a few hours away from Vienna in a small town called Spišská Belá exists a Joseph Petzval Museum, we knew we had to pack our cameras and hit the road.

As it often is, once you discover a good thing synchronicities come in to play. Having just heard about the museum, a Petzval enthusiast from a town near the museum called in. He had just discovered the Lomgraphy x Zenit Petzval Lens and wanted to teach us about the rich Petzval heritage on the spot. That was all we needed to know to get us going.

After picking up fellow Lomographer Matej in Bratislava we headed eastwards through the Slovakian countryside for our meetup with Mr. Neuhaus, the self proclaimed Petzval enthusiast!

Mr. Neuhaus welcomed us in his Cafe just inside of Strba, a small village close to the beautiful Tatra mountains. There we learned that Petzvals optics are not his only passion but that in the area he’s just known as Mr. Meteorite for the large iron meteorite showcased in the Cafe, which he turned into a proper roadside attraction.

After a night of great talks and Slovakian hospitality, we continued our pilgrimage to the Petzval museum the next morning and were not the slightest bit disappointed by what we found. This photographic history jewel next to the Tatra mountains proved to be nothing but amazing.

Not only is it Joseph Petzval’s birthplace, and but it also still showcases his original working desk along with Petzval lenses in all forms and sizes, as well as a jaw-dropping camera collection.

This will surely not be our last trip to the spiritual home of Petzval Lens Photography and we would be happy to take a group of our Kickstarter backers to this special place soon!

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