Lomography Konstruktor- Perfect for newbies

2014-03-25 2

Looking for reference when building your Konstruktor? Here’s a review for use of beginners with pictures of the building process.

As my first attempt at analogue photography, I was overjoyed with my experience with the *Lomography Konstruktor*. Not only does it look timelessly retro, but it feels like a genuinely good-quality camera. I also think it is the perfect way to learn how an analogue camera works.

At first glance, the packaging is aesthetically beautiful with the rustic cardboard and sketchy prints. It is only when you look inside that you discover how the camera’s box has been planned with meticulous precision; each piece of the product fits tightly into its designated space and won’t be moved until you decide to start building.

On that note, the making of the camera was enjoyable and extremely satisfying. If it weren’t for having to get up early the next morning, I would have happily carried on working on the camera into the night; it almost becomes addictive to keep fitting new parts together. The instructions, whilst daunting at first, are clear and simple and once you’ve realized that half of the page is written in a language other than your own, they are very short but well-explained.

There are a couple of parts that take patience and care to get right- one of these being the shutter spring which can be replaced with the spare in the box if needed – however, it’s really just a case of keeping calm, persevering and thinking towards the future result of your hard work.

When I had finished making the camera after about 3 sessions of building, it was time to load the roll of film. It is at this time that you finally see all of your efforts come together in one moment of gratification and begin to get excited at the idea of taking photos with this perfectly-formed newborn camera. I’m still using my first roll of film, the a roll of *Lomography Lady Grey 400 ISO*, and so I haven’t seen the results of my photography yet. I’m anticipating a nervous trip to a lab to collect my monochrome snaps.

I love taking the camera around with me and I can’t stress how much I enjoy using the top-down viewfinder to frame my photos before I take them. If you’re thinking of making a start into the ever-expanding world of analogue photography, or just want to have a bit of fun, using the Konstruktor is the ideal way to do it in style and at a relatively low price.

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  1. iblissss
    iblissss ·

    Anyone else having trouble with film slippage resulting in irregular spaces between frames? Any suggestions how to fix that? My photo lab is fed up with me by now and refuse to operate their machine in any other way than on full auto - which is no use for such film. Photo lab happy to do it right quoted GBP10 per roll - which I find a bit excessive for my budget.

  2. laurencea
    laurencea ·

    mine has film slip too - usually about every 5th shot it goes awry. luckily, i work near the lomo shop in spitalfields and i drop the films off there. well worth the money on processing and scanning as they are used to such vagueness. my admiration for this camera went up once i had the film developed properly.
    judging by the ripped sprocket holes on some of my films, the problem is the film coming off the cog. i consider it part of the charm though.

    i've just got the macro and close-up lenses, which has made for some interesting photos - the swirly bokah goes even crazier with them on!

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