Object of My Affection: Power Pylons

2014-03-17 1

I have to admit: I would gladly take pictures of electricity pylons time and time again. It doesn’t even matter that they all look relatively the same. The surroundings do vary, though, and I find the experience refreshing and exciting every time.

You all know that feeling when something banal just intrigues you to the point where you can’t stop taking pictures of it. There aren’t even very many perspectives to take pictures of power pylons from, but it’s worth every picture. The only problem really is that you often can’t even get close to them. Then again, I’m always stoked when I can get up close, underneath, and take photos from many different perspectives.

The typical view is from far away, and I don’t honestly have all too many photos like that as I don’t find them very exciting.

Credits: pearlgirl77

But when I can get up close, I take a ton of photos with a great view from underneath.

Credits: pearlgirl77

I’m browsing through my photos at this moment and and am surprised at how many I have of them. I’ve photographed electricity pylons with all of the following cameras: LC-A, Praktica MTL5, LC-Wide, Diana Mini, Diana F+, Fuji Neo Classic, Konstruktor, La Sardina Belle Starr, Sprocket Rocket, Pentacon Six, and Lubitel. There will definitely be more to come in the following years.

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translated by efrost

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