Porthcurno Beach


One of my favourite beaches, this little cove is filled with soft sand, and beautifully sheltered with easily climbable cliffs each side. It’s so beautifully serene.

I personally love this place. While some of the beaches in Cornwall can be over-run by children and tourists on every single sunny day, Porthcurno is just far enough away from towns to make it a bit more peaceful.

At the start of the 1900’s, Porthcurno served as the British end of the various telegraph lines coming from around the British Empire. As such, during the war, it was heavily defended, with various anti-landing measures such as buried flamethrowers. While no obvious sign of its former status can be seen to the untrained eye, there’s a telegraph museum positioned on top of one of the hills that commemorates its history.

But for the average visitor, there are few places more relaxing. And a short climb up the eastern cliff – which can be done safely without any real climbing experience or equipment – allows for spectacular views across the cove (and at the Naturist beach that the cliff normally conceals from view)!

In terms of how to get there, it’s about three miles away from Land’s End, the very southwesterly tip of England, which equates to a 2hr walk along coastal paths. Alternatively, you can take a 4hr coastal walk from Penzance, one of the sporadic buses, or a short drive down the A30 and onto the B3315. Once you get to it, there’s normal facilities – well-maintained toilets, cafe, car park, etc., and a lifeguard during tourist season (easter to september), so you can enjoy that beautiful (but cold) Cornish sea in safety.

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  1. lolfox
    lolfox ·

    Yes, this is a great beach... not too many people and some fantastic waves.... its not much good for surfing, but its fun just lying in the shallows getting tossed around mercilessly by the very powerful sea.... all in all a great day out in a really beautiful part of the country.

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Super ! Love N°7 and 8 especially !

  3. lovesmesumcake
    lovesmesumcake ·

    Mad mad MAD love for n°7!

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