The 365 Days Project in 2014: The First Two Months


Do you remember the tipster “Structuring Your 365 Photography Project”? I took the challenge. See what I have come up with so far after the jump.

Credits: inrod

It was the tipster Structuring Your 365 Photography Project that made me start this project. I wanted to do some practice in photography anyway, so I thought, why not try this?

To tell you the truth I didn’t expect it to be so hard, taking a good and different picture everyday. Well, I usually take 3 to 4 pictures a day. Sometimes I take even more than that to make sure at least one is usable for the project. But it turned out that more are usable, although I selected only one per day.

There have been days when I could take only one picture. But guess what – mostly, they didn’t turn out that well.

Credits: inrod

The other hard thing to do is to capture different scenes everyday. My way to work is always the same. That means sooner or later, I would have already captured everything that can be found along that way. To avoid this, I searched for alternative routes and found 4 other ways to walk to my workplace.

Credits: inrod

In order to have a wider variety of pictures, I change the camera and film that I use. That way I get acquainted with my different cameras and also find out which camera and film combination works.

Credits: inrod

I also had days where I was close to giving up on the project just because I didn’t find a new scene to take a photo of.

Credits: inrod

If ever there comes a day when I don’t find anything new to take a picture of, I still can take one of my food, my feet, my family… but I’ll spare that for an emergency shot.

You can find the whole series for January and February in my LomoHome.

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