Photographer Who Shot Controversial Image in True Detective Opening Credits is a Lomo Community Member (NSFW)

2014-03-16 2

Last year, news and entertainment portals were abuzz over the rumor that porn-star-turned-DJ Sasha Grey’s image had been used for the opening credits of the hit HBO original series “True Detective.” The photographer who took the said photo is Derek Woods, who also happens to be a member of the Lomography community. Woods’ ongoing project is “365 Days of Lomography,” a year-long initiative that will chronicle the controversial photographer’s daily exploits with Lomography cameras.

Photo by Derek Woods

Film Photographer Derek Woods has since clarified the “True Detective” issue through this post on his website. The photo in question, as shown above, is a still that was used for the opening credits of the HBO series. The image had been superimposed with a glowing crucifix, and the original imag e is shown below. However, Derek clarifies that the woman in the photo is not Sasha Grey, but is actually model and aspiring film maker Elizabeth Brissenden.

Photo by Derek Woods

Derek is indeed a member of the Lomography community, and here is his LomoHome. As a matter of fact, we found a set of pictures that shows a woman who looks, is made up, and poses like the one in the controversial photo. Take a look at the image below.

Photo by derekwoods

Similar images can be found here.

Well, it’s good that the issue has been settled, and it’s fascinating to learn that such an accomplished photographer is a Lomographer as well.

written by Jill Tan Radovan on 2014-03-16 #people #lifestyle #derek-woods

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