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The Luck of the Irish is coming our way in a couple of days’ time, so today, we encourage our fellow lomographers and intrepid travelers to explore the home of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations: the island of Ireland, and Dublin, one of its famous cities!

Credits: nural

Dublin is the capital and most populous city of the Republic of Ireland, and classified as a global city, and among the top metropolises around the world recognized for its historical and cultural relevance. The city has been on the spotlight of many travelers and revelers across the globe since March came in, and we’re sure you’ve figured out that it’s because of St. Patrick's Day, set to happen on March 17th!

Of course, Dublin is one of the places to head to in Ireland for the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but it’s also a fine city to explore for getting a slice of Irish culture, history, and arts, as well as doing some shopping, grabbing some drinks in its pubs, and wining and dining in its fine restaurants. Attention, analogue readers — Dublin is also where you’ll find Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university and home to the country's largest library. Since St. Patrick’s Day revelries will never be complete without a pint (or more) of Guinness, you might as well make a stop in the Guiness Storehouse in St. James’s Gate, which is considered to be Ireland’s top tourist attraction!

Now, for the sights you’ll find around town, we bring you a gallery of lomographs taken by our fellow traveler-lomographers:

Credits: mimjamil, sadmafioso, t0m7, paper_doll, gibri, analogdisplay, ryszardl70, alemancachondo, maxzeller, kekskonstrukt, poepel & lihooi

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