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Hodachrome, the Lomographic community’s undisputed king of multiple exposures, held a photography exhibit in Malaysia late last year. As expected, “Dream or Reality” was very successful. Months after the said exhibit, hodachrome shares his experiences during his visit to the Southeast Asian country, and meeting some of his friends from the Lomo community in the flesh for the first time.

How was your first ever visit to KL, Malacca & Selangor? What were the most memorable experiences you had?

Credits: hodachrome

My first visit to Malaysia (KL, Malacca & Selangor) was very significant experience for me. Malaysia is one of the favorite countries which I’ve always wanted to visit one day, and I am very glad that I was able to realize it with the opportunity to hold the exhibition. There are a lot of memorable experiences during my stay, but the most impressive was a photo walk through the old town of Malacca, one of the most attractive towns in Malaysia. The urban atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur is good, but I was fascinated by the rural scenery much more because I was born and raised in the countryside. The unique environment of Malacca is where various countries’ cultures are mixed is wonderful.

Compare your experiences shooting in Malaysia to your experiences in Japan. Were there many differences with regard to finding inspiration in subjects and lighting conditions? Do you stick to using specific techniques and films while traveling to be safe?

Credits: hodachrome

As for taking photographs there are not so many differences compared to taking pictures in Japan. I always focused on how I could bring out the charm of the country as much as possible, by using my own photo style. Both in a big city and a rural place, I think I could concentrate on taking photographs just like in Japan. I spent much time in KL and enjoyed shooting city view, traditional temples, mosques and palaces a lot. Some are very new to me, but others are very familiar. About techniques or films, I was trying to create a mixture of works from Malaysia and Japan. So I realized it by using my favorite technique “Exposing both sides of the film”(EBS). The results are so nice!!

You hung out with Lomographers including Malaysia’s eva_eva and Taiwan’s shanti929 & jeansman. What do veteran Lomographers talk about when together?

Yes, I ‘ve met with Malaysia’s eva_eva and Taiwan’s shanti929 & jeansman. It was not so long time but so wonderful for me to have shared time with them. Eva and I have been friends for a long time through this community but this is the first time to meet in person. We have talked about many things as well as photography or cameras. I tried to tell them (not only with veteran lomographers but also other photo lovers) what/how I felt while taking photographs every time I find something in a photo session. I have many friends that I met through this community but I haven’t have much oppurtunity to meet them face to face ever, so this kind of experience is wonderful and hoping to get more chances.

Credits: hodachrome

How was your photo exhibit _Dream or Reality_? Please tell us all about it. What else is in store for you? Any more exhibitions?

My photo exhibition “Dream or Reality? in Malaysia” was successful! Many more people than I had expected visited the gallery and watched my works eagerly. I tried to talk with them as much as possible, but maybe I needed more time. And it was very significant that I was able to have the opportunity to hold a “photo-sharing” (lecture about photography). Though my English ability was not enough to tell all that I wanted to say, I wish that I was able to share some of my own photo style. I really thank all visitors, the staff of the wonderful gallery ‘Checkpoint’ and all the people who supported and worked for the success of the exhibition. Next exhibition? Yep I ’m now planning some in Tokyo. Will tell you in detail soon. And I wish to have one in a foreign country this year. It is going to be exciting!

Photo via Checkpoint’s Facebook page

What did you share with/learn from the Malaysian community of Lomographers? What interesting ideas did leave them with.?

I shared basic knowledge and technique of the multiple exposure that is my favorite photo-style with Malaysian Lomographers through a photo session and photo sharing. And I told them that anyone could take wonderful photographs with a few ideas and technique,s even in any ordinary everyday scene. And I hope for them to just enjoy analogue photography!

Interview questions by soundfoodaround

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