The Watchung Reservation as seen through the Petzval Lens


As the largest park in Union Country, New Jersey, The Watchung Reservation makes an ideal venue for hiking and outdoor photography. Visitors can look forward to a trailside, lake that freezes in winter, and a Science Center, among other natural attractions. With cameras and the new Petzval Lens in tow, the Lomography NYC lab team and I paid the park a visit, and this is what we found.

Right in the middle of New Jersey, one of the most densely populated regions of the United States, there is a beautiful 2000-acre reservation where various plant and animal species have established: turtles, cardinals, hawks, deers, and snakes.The lake is one of the most beautiful parts of the park and you can walk along the reservation for hours without getting enough of this place.

As the snow melted and spring arrived, we organized a small trip to this park. Some members of the NYC LomoLab team and I brought cameras and film and boarded a bus from New York to the reservatio. The trip was about one hour long; it was very affordable and didn’t take too long to get there. As teh rest of the team was shot with 120mm cameras, I mounted the Petzval Lens on a Canon Rebel EOS T2 loaded with 35mm film.

The Petzval Lens produces an amazing swirly bokeh effect, which was prominently shown when the park’s natural surroundings served as a background for the photos while the wonderful color saturation and narrow depth of field gave the photos a distinct appearance.


Take Route 22 to New Providence Road in Mountainside. More specific driving directions are on the park’s web site. [Google Maps: “452 New Providence Rd, Mountainside, NJ”]

Ride the NJ Transit bus #114 from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the intersection of US 22 and New Providence Road in Mountainside; but hikers must walk uphill 1.4 miles to reach the reservation.

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