Black and White Film Photography by Michael Napper


These photographs by Michael Napper are simple, yet beautiful and haunting all at the same time.

Photo by Michael Napper

Los Angeles, California-based artist Michael Napper is, first and foremost, an abstract oil painter. However, he says that he’s always dabbled in photography as well, and that his most recent works are focused on black and white. On his website, Michael has both portraits and photographs of “primitive, archetypal-shaped sculptures” that he himself has built by hand out of “found material or recycled material from my paintings or drawings,” such as buildings and boats. These series are called Beautiful and Lost and Structures & Devices, respectively.

From Michael Napper’s _Beautiful and Lost_ series

In an interview with Visual Candies, Michael said that he prefers black and white over color because he likes the “limitations” that it presents. “You have to have a stronger structure of the image in black and white,” he was quoted as saying, “there’s no relying on color to compensate for something missing.” He also revealed that he loves the color gray, which he sees as “the color of doubt, of loss, of yearning.” Michael shoots both in 35mm and medium format with cameras like the Olympus OM-1n and Agfa Isolette.

From Michael Napper’s _Structures and Devices_ series

Information in this article were sourced from Visual Candies and Where We Live via Slow Art Day. Visit Michael Napper’s website here.

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