Diana Glass Lens: A lens that is absolutely convincing!


The first images that have been uploaded here on Lomography showed how good the new Diana F + glass lens is. So it stuck with me and I wanted to shoot some pictures like those myself!

When the Diana Glass Lens finally arrived, I first tested the whole thing with a Lomography Color Negative 400. Unfortunately, the images were slightly underexposed, but there are a few treasures.

Credits: pearlgirl77

Then I wanted the whole to be a bit more gaudy and loaded the Lomography X-Pro 200. The film so far is my favorite, coupled with the lens the film delivered well or maybe I simply like the film very much!

Credits: pearlgirl77

Shooting with the Diana and the glass lens was real fun for me, much so that I just had to shoot another roll. This time, it had to be an expired Kodak Portra 400 VC. The roll was unfortunately somewhat underexposed, but the first image is my absolute favorite with the lens.

Credits: pearlgirl77

Also, I wanted to test the lens with the Diana Instant Back +. What you can capture on this little film with the glass lens is just great.

Credits: pearlgirl77

It will probably become my favorite lens for the Diana!

Your Pearlgirl

written by pearlgirl77 on 2014-03-15 #gear #review #lens #diana-glass-lens
translated by dopa

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