Snappy Instant Portraits Taken with the LC-A+ Instant Back

2014-03-11 1

Lomographers are known to whip out their trusty Lomo cameras whenever something catches their attention. It’s a good thing we have the LC-A+ Instant Back around to keep them happy with instant prints on the go!

Credits: sanoja, ethermoon, elindudut, perasymanzanas, wawanpicture, hankerkizia, vicuna, dannyedwards & maxwellmaxen

Everybody needs a quick fix every now and then. Whether it’s a food craving or the sudden itch to capture a photo moment on film, you know you just got to have it! The same goes for these community members who shot these undeniably lo-fi portraits with the *LC-A+* and the *LC-A+ Instant Back*. Maybe they just can’t wait for the prints so they shot them on instant film! You’ll know instant prints when you see one – the lo-fi feel, soft tones and lines are just too awesome details to pass up!

Get the LC-A+ now with the LC-A+ Instant Back and enjoy the many wonders of instant photography. A quick trip to the Online Shop now and you’ll get to avail of the whopping 50% discount on the LC-A+ Instant Backs! Also, if you’re an LC-A loyalist then rejoice now since select accessories are 30% off! Click here to see the full range of accessories on discount until March 16, 2014 only.

written by cheeo on 2014-03-11 #lifestyle #portraits #instant-back #lca #instant-photos

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