Monday Moodboard: Street Grit with Shawn Whisenant


It’s always sad to hear the loss of a creative mind and passionate artist even if you’re just seeing their work for the first time.

Film photos, hand painted signs, stickers, graffiti, hand-crafted books – you name it, *Shawn Whisenant* has probably done it. Shawn was a San Francisco Bay Area artist and skateboarder who lived his art.

Shawn Whisenant and his gear

I’ve just discovered his work and it’s sad to know that he recently passed away. Friends of Shawn’s in the art and skateboarding community have released their tributes to Shawn that commemorate his life and work – mostly creating art and living his passions to the extent that he wanted.

Photos by Shawn Whisenant

From what I’ve read about him, he has been a very visible presence in the Bay Area in San Francisco, careening his way through the streets on his skateboard with a variety of film cameras in his bag.

His film photographs of everyday life on the streets whether they may be of skateboarders playing in their concrete urban playground, homeless people getting by everyday or just the people going about in the usual street scenes are interesting and flavorful.

It’s like he’s just attuned to the heartbeat of the city. You can almost feel the energy that he had when it comes to creating art and photography. It’s a shame his art had to stop at such a young age. Rest in peace, Shawn.

written by cheeo on 2014-03-10 #lifestyle #skateboarding #film-photography #monday-moodboard-series #shawn-whisenant

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