How did your analogue journey begin?

2014-03-11 3

Do you still remember your first steps into the amazing and life-changing journey that is film photography? Today, we’d like for you to take us back to the time where it all began, to the camera that started it all, to the very first film photos that made your analogue-loving heart swell with glee!

Credits: ginnys, natalieerachel, nanaphotography, anafaro & theresia

For Lomography, both as a company and photographic movement, nearly everyone knows that the analogue love all started with the discovery of the Lomo LC-A in Prague in May 1991 by a handful of Viennese students. Now, we think it’s time for us to learn about YOUR colorful analogue history. When did your epic journey with film begin? Who was your first analogue companion, the camera that ushered you into the world of happy accidents and experimentation? Can you still recall your very first hits and misses, triumphs and heartbreaks — and the photos that go with them? What were the first lessons that your learned (or re-learned) from your first adventures, re-adventures, and misadventures with film?

We hope you can take some time to do a retrospective about your analogue history and share with all of us here in the Community the beginnings of your journey with film. Pour your heart out onto a blog post, whether on your LomoHome blog or personal blog elsewhere, then share the links through a comment below!

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  1. inrod
    inrod ·

    Here is my love story of analogue photography:…
    I hope you like it.

  2. dopa
    dopa ·

    …and here is…
    it is bilingual, so scroll down for the englisch version!

  3. leahscampoli
    leahscampoli ·

    How my journey with analogue began:…

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