Monday Moodboard: Wanderlust-Inducing Architectural Watercolor Art by Maja Wronska


Whether you’re a frequent traveler or yet to embark on a journey after being grounded for a while, I’m sure you won’t only like the beautiful watercolor paintings of cities around the world that you’ll find after the jump; they will also make you want to pack your bags and see them yourself!

It may just be the post-travel blues hitting me after my recent trips, but after spotting them on This is Colossal, I found myself really smitten with the dreamy watercolor paintings of iconic cities around the world by Warsaw-based Maja Wronska. I guess my fascination with everything watercolor also played a part in my infatuation over her works, but, I’m sure you can’t ignore the skillful attention to detail and eye-catching colors that the architect and freelance illustrator imbued on her beautiful artworks.

Images via This is Colossal

Through calculated brush strokes and careful dabs of color, Maja takes us to her own postcard-worthy presentations of famous landmarks and cityscapes around iconic metropolises, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tower Bridge in London, and Brooklyn Bridge in New York. While predominantly architectural paintings, she has also added some human elements in some of the pieces to show everyday street scenes in these locations. I also love how she played around with different visual styles — from blending complementing colors to dreamy silhouettes — to create a certain mood for her chosen cities.

I don’t know about you, but Maja’s watercolor masterpieces got me dreaming about seeing all these beautiful cities that I am yet to visit!

What do you think of Maja Wronska’s architectural watercolor artworks? Share your insights and leave a comment below!

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