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An LC-Wide lover, a Diana F+, Lubitel and Holga user, a Fisheye and La Sardina owner, and the bearer of many other cameras from our shop and beyond. Mads, better known in the community as aanum, is definitely mad about analogue and Lomography cameras. Let’s take a peak into his collection.

Name: Mads Erdland aanum
Location: Esbjerg, Denmark
LomoHome: aanum

Please tell us about yourself, what you do, and what you are passionate about.

I am out of work at the moment due to a depression that has made it impossible to work right now. Before the depression I was working as a child caretaker at a school. I would be in the classroom helping out the teachers there, mostly with social problems between the children. Then after school the I took the children to an after school project where they spend their day playing and having fun, and I would play games and help them with anything they would need from an adult.

In my spare time, which now is all of my time, I go on walks around the city of Esbjerg and take photos with my analogue cameras. Then I develop the film at home and scan the film negatives. I just bought a book that teaches how to work in a dark room. It’s called “the darkroom handbook” by Michael Langford. So I hope to get better at processing paper photos as well.

Other than that I play some guitar nothing to brag about but I love playing so I can’t really stop again.
My passion for music has also resulted in an ever growing vinyl collection with around 470 titles so far, you gotta stay Analogue!

How long have you been collecting film gear and how did it start?

I started my film camera collection around March 2011, and the reason was that I had a depression and everything I did felt wrong and fake, so I remembered that I had seen a white stripes themed camera and looked into that and I found Lomography. I started out with the Diana f+ as they had that in a shop in Copenhagen where I lived at the time. After I had shot the first 2 rolls of 120 film I was hooked.

Can you possibly itemize every camera, film roll, and accessory you own?

It’s a long list:
Lubitel 166 b
Olympus trip 35
Canon ae-1 program
Fujica Stx-1n
Kiev 88cm
Fuji instax
Zorki 4 (broken)
Lomography Diana f+ (35mm back -instant back – glass lens)
Lomography Holga 120 Jack
Lomography Diana + Meg
Lomography La Sardinia – el capitan
Lomography Sprocket rocket
Lomography Belair x6-12 (city slickers the black one )
Lomography Fisheye 2
Lomography :LomoKino
Lomography Fisheye baby 110
Lomography LC-Wide
Lomography LC-A+
Lomography Lubitel 166+
Lomography Konstruktor

*Fast Camera Collection Facts

Number of cameras? 20

Number of accessories? Around 30

Number of films? About 18

Number of months/years collecting? Almost 3 years now started in March 2011

Biggest buy/most expensive items? A Kiev 88cm kit, it was very expensive.

Sweetest steal/cheapest scored items? Fujica stx-1n (under €4)

Most prized possessions/favorite camera, film, and accessory from the collection?

Hard to pick just one camera as I use both 35mm and 120 film. But I guess it’s the lc-wide I really love the way you can make neverending panoramas with that camera. In film the rollei digibase cr200 for 120 camera and in 35mm film I almost only use fuji cn 200 films (they are cheap and gives good results every time I think.

Have you used every camera in your collection or you just adore them from the camera shelf?

I have used them all but some of them I don’t use much at all, my Zorki broke on my first roll with it.

The Fisheye Baby 110 as I develop at home and all my results with developing 110 rolls have been mostly fails. So I don’t really use that alot

The LomoKino is also one of those cameras that I almost never use. I think the scanning of every frame takes forever and that’s why I don’t use that a lot

What is your favorite camera? Film? Accessory? Please also explain why.

It’s hard to choose. For 35mm cameras it has to be Lomography LC-Wide: Set to hf without using the half frame mask and opening the shutter up to full frame, as it makes for some of the coolest mx shoots and I love using Fuji cn 200 film in that camera and shoot at ISO 400.

For 120 Cameras it has to be either Lubitel 166+ or Diana F+ with the glass lens and Rollei cr200 Digibase (they have never failed me).

Do you think you’ll ever stop collecting? Why or why not?
No I don’t think I ever will stop, but all of the before mentioned cameras have been bought from 2011-2013 so I think I might just relax a bit and use the ones I have and wait for something cool to come along. So the collection is not over and I would like some of the Konstruktor add ons and some more Diana lenses and so on to keep the collection going

Is there a camera you still don’t own and want to be part of your collection soon? What is this and why?
Not really at this point in time I would like to maybe get some different lenses for the canon ae-1 or the kiev 88cm but as I am out of work due to the depression I have I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

Favorite photo taken with your favorite gear?
Here are 10 shots that I am really proud of:

Credits: aanum

This one is one from the first roll I took with the Diana f + (my first camera from Lomography and it has been used by some friends of mine as a cover for a mini album. Sadly the band no longer exists.

Credits: aanum

This one just has a crazy surrealistic vibe that I can’t hope to ever hit again (can’t remember if it’s a Holga or a Diana f+ shoot)

Credits: aanum

I love this one for the doubles effect and the fact I look pretty good in this one :) Sprocket Rocket

Credits: aanum

Here is an example of the genius of the LC-Wide I just love that camera

Credits: aanum

This one is one of the best ever taken with the Diana on 120 cn100 Lomography and developed as a black and white film in coffee and scanned as color. I even have a print of this in 30cm x 90cm it’s awesome

Credits: aanum

This one was taken with the Sprocket Rocket on cn 200 from Fuji

Credits: aanum

This one is taken using the Kiev 88cm and I just love the calm look of it shot on Rollei IR developed in caffenol and scanned as color

Credits: aanum

Again a Kiev 88cm this time using redscale film the xr 50-200 from lomography

Credits: aanum

This one again demonstrates the genius of the LC-Wide (doubles shoot first on LC-Wide (landscape) then the movie thing on a lv-a+

Credits: aanum

The Bel-air x6-12 with a roll of xr50-200 from Lomography.

That was a wonderful collection and those were such beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing your collection with us! Lomo on!

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