Whacked-out 360 Selfies Taken with the Lomography Spinner 360° and Motorizer Combo


Taking a selfie is a great way to show a little camera loving. Put your selfie in panorama mode and you’ve got yourself these crazy panoramic selfies taken with the Spinner 360° Motorizer!

Credits: elvismartinezsmith & lawypop
Credits: davidcruzpous & lomography-echegaray

Grab your friends and take your *Spinner 360°* for a day out taking the craziest selfies all over town. But sometimes you just want to do more than just take 360° photos from one hand-held angle. If you’re looking for new ways to do a more gnarly 360° shot then it’s best you take the new *Lomography Spinner 360° Motorizer* with you!

Credits: lomography-echegaray
Credits: clickiemcpete
Credits: lomographysg & weedos

Send good analogue vibes in all directions with the *360° Motorizer* in just a click of a button. You’ll get to enjoy taking spectacular panoramic shots from afar with relative ease. Grab this one-of-a-kind accessory at the Online Shop until Sunday, March 9 to get 50% slashed off from the original price! Just enter the code MOTOR50 to avail of the discount. Lomo on!

written by cheeo on 2014-03-07 #lifestyle #panorama #360 #spinner #selfie #motorizer

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