Poetic Photography by Julia Tröndle


Looking the photographs that young Austrian photographer Julia Tröndle gives one that comforting feeling. Check out her work and learn what poetic photography is after the jump!

Photo by Julia Tröndle

Poetry has long been associated with literature, but what do you do when you simply can’t find the right words to describe a particular moment? Over the centuries artists have found numerous creative ways to express themselves without having to use a single word, through mediums like painting, sculpture, performance art, dance, music, and photography, among many others. 25-year old Julia Tröndle of Austria makes use of her film camera to practice what she calls poetic photography.

Photos by Julia Tröndle

On The Poetic Photography Collection, which Julia herself founded and curates, poetic photography is described as being “about the poetry in everyday life” – basically small things, moments, and places that one encounters as he or she goes through his or her day.

And so from stills of everyday objects to breathtaking landscape and other scenery, Julia certainly has found the beauty in each of them and managed to capture them permanently in photographs.

Photos by Julia Tröndle

Read our interview with Julia or check out her website on Cargo Collective as well as The Poetic Photography Collection. Images are with permission from Julia Tröndle.

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