Street Snaps with the LC-Wide: Jeep and Train Edition

2014-03-07 2

Everyday commute can sometimes be a bit of a drag especially with the repetitive sights. Luckily, we can turn them into test photo walks where we can just whip out our every day carry (edc) cameras to capture the street scene on film.

I like going on my daily commute. There’s just so many to see. And for me, the streets of the Philippines, specifically Manila are a good place to start. But first you have to ride the most iconic means of transportation in the country – the Philippine jeepney.

A monument of Gat. Andres Bonifacio, a proud son of Manila.

Public transpo in the Philippines can comprise of riding the jeep, bus, train (LRT or MRT), pedicab, tricycle (a souped-up version of the pedicab) and so on. But for now, we’ll be focusing on riding the jeep and the train.

The *LC-Wide* is nice camera to bring on your everyday commute. But you still have to remember that this is a film camera and that you have to do everything manually (aside from the light metering) to get good results.

Credits: cheeo

Frame your shots carefully.
The LC-Wide is a wide-angled monster. It’s best you make sure that you look into the viewfinder and account for a wider shot than what you can actually see. I thought that I was going to be short-changed when I see the scans but I was more than surprised to see the LC-Wide take in as much in each frame.

Credits: cheeo

Shoot casually.
Riding the public transpo is normal. Same goes for photography. Just aim your LC-Wide casually and press the shutter. You might get curious looks at first but hey, who can blame them? The LC-Wide is quite a handsome-looking little shooter.

Credits: cheeo

Don’t be afraid to do doubles.
Whether you’re on the jeep itself or walking around Manila, it’s always a good time to shoot doubles. Manila has lots in store for you so don’t scrimp on doing doubles. It adds character to your photos.

Credits: cheeo

Don’t forget to tuck your fingers in.
I don’t know if it’s the LC-Wide’s monster ultra-wide lens or if it’s just me but I think I’m the one at fault here. Just keep your fingers and hands away from the lens so you don’t ruin perfectly good shots. It pays to pay attention.

Credits: cheeo

Explore different angles.
Fresh from the jeep, I shot this low-angle photo while I propped the LC-Wide on a pillar. It’s not really mind-blowing but it mixes things up a bit for me. And also, walking around and shooting trees from under the shade is a good exercise if you ask me.

The LC-Wide is a nice camera to shoot street snaps with, whether you’re on a jeep, a train or on your feet. You can always count on its wide-angled lens to sweep the scene for you. And oh, use a fast enough film like an ISO 400 film to get nicely exposed shots on every trip.

A good walk deserves a good rest.

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  1. milkandcereals
    milkandcereals ·

    Nice article and great shots. Been dreaming of lcW lately. Manila represent! :)

  2. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    @milkandcereals Thanks! Manila represent!

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