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2014-03-10 2

I’ve seen the Holga WPC very often but I always decided against getting it because I just don’t like using tripods. Eventually, I just had to have it so I bought one!

I shot two rolls with the Holga WPC and it was a blast. And as it turns out, it’s not that bad when you have to use a tripod. You should definitely get a cable release if you don’t have one yet.

Shooting the first roll, I used a Gorillapod. That worked just fine and the camera and could be easily transported in a cotton bag together with the tripod. Because the weather was so dull, I used an 100 ISO SW-Film, I exposed it as instructed on the Holga’s back – in 6×12 format.

Credits: pearlgirl77

For the second film I wanted to take a redscale photographs. So I put the mask for the 6×9 format and the Lomography 50-200 Redscale in the Holga and exposed it at about ISO 25. I’ve calculated only roughly with the information on the back of the Holga – converted to ISO 25 – you should expose about 7-9 seconds in sunny weather and ISO 100. That meant for me, at ISO 50 you would have to expose about 14-18 seconds and then about 28-36 at ISO 25. This has fortunately worked fine so far, but see for yourself the results of the second film for which I used an older tripod that I could extend further.

Credits: pearlgirl77

The only thing I should still heed is that I need to get closer! Because the camera is literally WIDE, I still have to master the distance to get good shots. I’m already looking forward to using it more in both formats, although I prefer the 6×12.

Your Pearlgirl

The Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera allows you to take soft focused wide angle pinhole shots on 120 film. Go back to the roots of photography with this lensless Holga 120 WPC!

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translated by dopa


  1. af-capture
    af-capture ·

    woooww amazing read and pics!!! love my wpc too!

  2. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @af-capture thank you :) i should use mine the next time again.. ;)

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