Fujifilm Halts Production of Neopan 400 PRESTO 35mm, Fujicolor PRO 400 120

2014-03-07 1

Film photographers and enthusiasts, brace yourselves for yet another bad news: Fujifilm recently announced that it has discontinued the Neopan 400 PRESTO for 35mm cameras and the Fujicolor PRO 400 120.

Photo via Petapixel

According to the English translation of a press statement dated February 28, as indicated in an article on Petapixel, Fujifilm has been finding it difficult to continue the production of these films due to decrease in demand. Fujifilm will be shipping stocks of Fujicolor PRO 400 120 and Neopan 400 PRESTO 35mm to retailers only until early May and June this year, respectively. To those who love shooting with the Fujicolor PRO 400 120 and Neopan 400 PRESTO 35mm, Fujifilm has offered the Fujicolor PRO400H and Neopan 100 ACROS as alternatives.

This unfortunate piece of news comes just a little over seven months after the discontinuation of its Neopan 400 B&W, Provia 400X slide film, Superia 400 120, and the Reala 120 films.

All information in this article were sourced from Petapixel.

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  1. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    I noticed someone made a comment on Japan Camera Hunter that it seems the only film Fujifilm seems to be committed to is Instax film.

    A similar artilce noted that it seems that greater variety is to be found in smaller manufacturers such as Arista, Adox, & Foma, which seem to be better suited to new conditions.

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