Quick Tips on Taking Photos During Festivals

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Going to festivals is tons of fun, whether you’re going to a cultural one or a rock fest. Every moment is excitement, unfolding, every scene is for you to behold. Taking pictures during such events is a must lest you want those memories gone with the wind and lost forever.

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Make sure that your camera and film can meet your requirements.

Is it a cultural festival you’ll be attending? Will there be dance performances or a band on stage? Will it continue throughout the evening? Pick the camera, film, and accessories that will be enable to capture the action and attractions, day or night. Wide and zoom lens? Fast film, perhaps, and flash if applicable.

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Bring a camera that is easy to use even when you’re in a swarm of people.

Festivals are attended by legions of participants and chances are you’ll literally bump into them. So pick a camera that’s easy to lug around, and doesn’t require you to be on a pedestal while shooting. You will be shooting in literally shaky ground with so many people milling about. If you’re a member of the press, though, then maybe you have more liberty to bring more gear since you’ll have exclusive areas where you can shoot.

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For night shots, fast-ISO film is recommended.

This will help ensure that your photos are properly exposed.

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Know when to use flash.

If you know your camera has a slow shutter and you’re trying to capture movement, or you know it’s too dark, turning the flash on might be of great help. It still depends on your subject and how close it is, lighting conditions, and of course the camera and film you’re using.

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If you’re going to take a photo of a band or artist performing on stage, make sure you use a camera that can zoom in on the happenings, or go as close to the stage as you can get.

I learned my lesson the hard way. While I did have a zoom lens, the artist was constantly moving and I should have used the flash, but I was too far from the stage to be able to take a decent photo without putting harsh lighting on the backs of the spectators in front of me.

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You might have that patch of beautiful blue sky behind the stage, but so what if it’s not your subject?

The weather is usually pretty ideal during festivals. Go ahead, take pictures of that lovely clear blue sky. It’s good to capture the scenic view, but since it’s a festival, make sure you shoot the pertinent turn of events.

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Don’t just take pictures of the main events – see what else is on the sidelines.

Apart from the performers, one of the main attractions in festivals are the heaps of people dressed in their festive best. A festival is a gathering of people to honor or celebrate something or someone important. It’ll be interesting to take their pictures.

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Don’t expect every shot to be perfect.

There are too many people and too many things happening all at the same time. Don’t feel bad if not every photo comes out perfectly.

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