Most Popular LomoWalls of February 2014

2014-03-08 4

Creating an album is not enough. To grab the Community’s attention, you have to raise your game a notch. Experiment with that space you’ve been given. Collect and arrange your best photographs into LomoWalls and get someone hooked on your Homes!

Take a cue from these impressive LomoWalls. Seeing these made me want to go deep into their LomoHomes and explore further. I really think you’d feel the same way after seeing our Most Popular LomoWalls of February 2014!

Red Scale Roof by akula

Pinhole Self Portrait by akula

Last long forest walkes of 2013 by bkspicture

Miss Diana and the pink ballerina. by sadiestoker

First spring flowers by peterpan61

ROJO by susielomovitz

cubism by hodachrome

We can take these rides by grazie

1940's Kandor Candid by clickiemcpete

Deserted Village by ryszardl70

the tree by bloomchen


Blue Sunset by he-mo

rainbow by kekskonstrukt

shake your booty! by jeanhuang

To everyone whose LomoWall appeared here, congratulations and thank you for making that LomoWall space shine with your creative minds!

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