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A medium format plastic camera that remains popular among collectors today, the Fujipet was a simple to use model ideal for people getting into photography.

Introduced by Fuji in 1957 and manufactured until 1963, the Fujipet was a medium format film camera that was made using plastic and aluminum and takes 12 6×6 photos like the Holga and Diana cameras. Aside from sporting a simple yet elegant design, this camera also came in three colors: black, green, and red. Its simple mechanism and operation enabled beginners, women, and even children to take photos with it. In fact, the Fujipet was marketed in Japan as a camera for the whole family.

Today, the Fujipet (and all the succeeding models in the series) remains a popular collectible that is sought after for its very retro-looking “toy camera” design.

Technical Specifications:

  • Film: 120 film
  • Lens: simple Meniscus lens of glass, later plastic; 70mm f/11
  • Aperture options: f11, f16, f22
  • Shutter: leaf shutter with B and I (= ~1/50th sec); requires cocking
  • Focus: Fixed focus, ~ 1m to infinity
  • Dimensions: 120×100×75mm, weight:332g.
  • Flash shoe: Cold shoe
Credits: clickiemcpete & ymmij

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Camerapedia, Moominsean on Blogspot, Camera Wiki, and Retro Thing

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  1. pichumino
    pichumino ·

    I take it that you are quoting some old promo from the camera... if not... do you mean women can't use cameras more complicated than this?

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Yes, @pichumino, I wrote it along the lines of old promos/marketing slants that were mentioned in the sources I cited. I think we have to consider and understand that most likely, the reason why it was marketed as a camera for "everyone" --- including women and children -- is that during the time it was released in Japan, (late 1950s) photography was still mostly a male-dominated/professional thing. So, Fuji banked on a camera that was accessible to and can be used by everyone. I don't really want to look at it as if Fuji was thinking that women and children can't learn how to operate more complicated cameras, though! :)

  3. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    i have one and DIY into FUJIBLACKPET

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