Crazy Creative Photos with the LC-A Courtesy of the Splitzer

2014-03-04 2

Accessorize your LC-A and see the world like never before. These Splitzed photos from the community will open a new world for you.

Credits: reneg88

The *LC-A* offers a wide range of shooting capabilities that can wow even the some of the most experienced snappers. The Multiple Exposure feature is a strong favorite among our community members and for good reason – it can yield such amazing results!

But sometimes, doing MX shots with your LC-A isn’t enough to fulfill your analogue cravings so it’s best if you accessorize! Give your photos a sudden kick of proportions and surreal scenes with the *Splitzer*! Cut, dice and create endless possibilities with the Splitzer to make your MX shots a cut above the rest!

Credits: qrro, marshall4480, gocchin, jeabzz, paula412, basho, fotobes, fisher-price & iambb_

The *LC-A* and *Splitzer* are a tried and tested camera + accessory duo in the community. Get in on the accessory frenzy and get your own combo now at the Online Shop to experience a Splitzed LC-A world.

written by cheeo on 2014-03-04 #lifestyle #splitzer #mx #multiple-exposure #lca


  1. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    Shout out to users @reneg88, @qrro, @marshall4480, @gocchin, @jeabzz, @paula412, @basho, @fotobes, @fisher-price, and @iambb_

    nice shots you got there!

  2. fotobes
    fotobes ·

    nice one everyone! @reneg88, @qrro, @marshall4480, @gocchin, @jeabzz, @paula412, @basho, @fisher-price, and @iambb_

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