Top Photo Uploaders of February 2014

2014-03-09 6

Who among our Community members had plenty of wonderful dates with their cameras? I’m guessing these guys did!

A February well-spent with their film stash and their beloved cameras – they really know the meaning of true Lomo Love! Congratulations to our Top Photo Uploaders of February 2014!

fotohelmut from Magdeburg, Germany (951 photos)

Credits: fotohelmut

koduckgirl from San Francisco, United States (758 photos)

Credits: koduckgirl

endowaty from Warszawa, Poland (739 photos)

Credits: endowaty

alienmeatsack from United States (716 photos)

Credits: alienmeatsack

majestyven from Washington DC, United States (686 photos)

Credits: majestyven

yago56 from Germany (674 photos)

Credits: yago56

mediabrus from Umeå, Sweden (672 photos)

Credits: mediabrus

petr13 from Praha, Czech Republic (662 photos)

Credits: petr13

yukai from Fukuoka, Japan (661 photos)

Credits: yukai

zombiesinmygarden from Lancaster, United States (541 photos)

Credits: zombiesinmygarden

joyce-liu from Taitung, Taiwan (527 photos)

Credits: joyce-liu

deepfried_goodness (525 photos)

Credits: deepfried_goodness

marcosnava from Mogi Guaçu, Brazil (492 photos)

Credits: marcosnava

laacs from Rembate, Latvia (453 photos)

Credits: laacs

shind from Klang, Malaysia (435 photos)

Credits: shind

February or not, may you not get tired of sharing that analogue love with us! Shoot more and upload more!

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  1. icequeenubia
  2. zombiesinmygarden
    zombiesinmygarden ·

    Thanks for the mention! I can do even more in March. :)

  3. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    We are all excited to see that! :D @zombiesinmygarden

  4. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Very cool thanx and congrats to the others as well

  5. shind
    shind ·

    Thank you for the mention! :D

  6. laacs
    laacs ·

    @icequeenubia Thanks!
    I'll try a bit better in future :)
    Congrats to others and good luck next time! @fotohelmut, @koduckgirl, @endowaty, @alienmeatsack, @majestyven, @yago56, @mediabrus, @petr13, @yukai, @zombiesinmygarden, @joyce-liu, @deepfried_goodness, @marcosnava, @laacs, @shind

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