Thomas and Giancarlo T. Roma’s ‘The Waters of Our Time’


If you have a penchant for black-and-white photography and retrospective storytelling, you’ll definitely have to find time to flip through the pages of ‘The Waters of Our Time.’

The book cover. Image via Powerhouse Books.

‘The Waters of Our Time’ is a collaborative project between photographer Thomas Roma and his son, Giancarlo T. Roma. The book contains 142 photographs taken by Thomas Roma throughout his career, complemented by fictional text written by his son.

Thomas Roma’s started working as a photographer in 1974, capturing scenes and situations of everyday life in Brooklyn, his hometown. His work has appeared in solo and group exhibits internationally and has been featured in various venues, such as the The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Montreal’s Canadian Centre for Architecture. Over a dozen of his books have been published, the most recent of which is The Waters of Our Time. He is is also a two-time recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship (1982 and 1991) and received a New York State Council for the Arts Fellowship in 1973.

For the book, Thomas’ son, Giancarlo, provided the narrative to accompany his photographs,in the form of a first-person reminiscence written in the voice of an old woman who spent her life in Brooklyn and shares her tale in conjunction with the series of images. The story begins on the book’s cover, which shows a photo taken from Thomas Roma’s first roll of film, shot in 1972.

Image via Powerhouse Books.

‘The Waters of Our Time’ is Thomas Roma’s tribute to the Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes’ ‘The Sweet Flypaper of Life,’ one of the most treasured books in Roma’s library. Waters is similar to Flypaper in terms of layout. and size, but definitely differs in content.

‘The Waters of Our Time’ is slated for release this coming May by Powerhouse Books.

Below is the book trailer for ‘The Waters of Our Time.’

You can view the book’s PDF preview here.

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