Holga 120S - Mother Of All Holgas


No bulb mode or hoc tripod socket, but a lot of picture errors and light leaks! It is the “Mother of all Holgas” and now available in the Lomography online store: The Holga 120S. Read on to find out how the Holga cult began!

Pictures via Lomography online shop

The Holga 120 S is a medium format camera, that was first built 1982 in Hong Kong. An exchangeable film mask (available separately) allows optional shots in 6×6 or 4.5×6cm. The untempered lens has a focal length of 60mm and an aperture of f/8.

You can choose of two apertures, which are marked with pictograms:

  • ‘sunny’, is about f/19
  • ‘cloudy’ is about f/13

The manual focus has 4 zones, as well with pictograms:

  • ‘single person’
  • ‘small group’
  • ‘large group’
  • ‘mountain’ or for landscapes

The shutter speed vary around 1/100s. Unlike other Holga cameras, the 120S has neither a bulb mode, nor a tripod socket, but a standard hotshoe flash mount, with which you can use center contact flashes like the Holgon Strobe or Colorsplash Flash.

Because of the gaps in the cameras body, light leaks are not guaranteed but are very likely. The lack of tension to the roll of film provides some fat rolls very often.

That sounds like a lot of limitations and reasons not to get the Holga 120S. But if you can get a hold of this, you’re in pure Lomography luck. When your medium format pictures don’t have to be perfect, you can use a film like the Lomography Redscale X 50-200 and just shoot away without care. All the more you’ll be surprised by the pictures!

Credits: dopa

Get the light weight medium format standard version of the Holga at our Online Shop. Get impressed by the square pictures, its fascinating colors and beautiful vignetting!

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