Kino Stories: ‘Résumé of a Life’


Our featured LomoKino movie for the week is a poignant look at one man’s life.

Video by tesatscad. Link to the video’s page in the community here.

“Résumé of a Life” by Tesa Tscad (*tesatscad*) is made to feel like an autobiography of sorts. Watching this film gives one the feeling akin to sitting on the living room floor and listening as one’s grandfather regales him or her and the entire family with his life story. It’s a simple film without sound and accompanied only by intertitles, yet “Résumé of a Life” is sure to leave its mark on whoever sees it.

Here in the Lomography magazine we often venture to the community’s Movies section, where we’re able to stumble upon shorts that do not only depict interesting storylines but are also well-executed. The new Kino Stories series aims to put the well-deserved spotlight on these gems, so keep those creative juices flowing and tell us your story! Who knows, you just might get featured in an upcoming installment!

written by chooolss on 2014-03-04 #videos #kino-stories #lifestyle

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