Tales from the Trip: Mom and Dad by the Beach


As intrepid travelers, we don’t only search for an adventure or a change of scenery — we also seek to capture fascinating moments in photographs and tell the compelling stories behind them. In this new series for the Locations section, we showcase some of the most fascinating travel photos by our fellow lomographers, along with their tales from the trip.

Credits: jillytanrad

Do you still remember your very first travel snap? Today’s featured travel snap is a unique one in the sense that it was taken by our fellow lomographer and Magazine EIC jillytanrad three decades ago, which was also most likely the very first photo she ever took. We’re sure Jill’s story will inspire you to look for your very first travel snaps as well, so we better let her tell the story behind it herself:

This is most probably the very first photograph I took. It was taken in the summer of 1984. I was only four years old. I was with my parents, aboard a floating raft at Matabungkay Beach, which was a popular summer destination in the Philippines back then. I don’t know what has become of Matabungkay but I can assure you that it wasn’t much of a beauty even before. There was no fine white sand or startlingly clear water. But it was accessible, only a couple of hours away from Metro Manila, which made it a favorite beach hangout for families or friends who wanted to set-up tents and ignite campfires throughout the evening, and go home the morning after.

Do you have an exceptional snap from your trips? Share your travel lomographs and the fascinating stories behind them with all of us here in the Community! Get in touch with us through the Lomography Magazine LomoHome or shoot us an email!

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