My First Lomo Affair: Bugs and his Lomo LC-A

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Martin’s first date with his Lomo LC-A gave him a roll of blurred photographs. It was far from his expectations but it did not stop him from getting that “Lomographic rainbows and unicorns” he desires. Read on to find out more about bugs and his First Lomo Affair with Lomo LC-A!

Credits: bugs

Name: Martin Scheller
LomoHome: bugs
Location: Augsburg, Germany

When was your first try of a Lomography camera or film? What product was it?
My first Lomography camera is my trusty Lomo LC-A which I bought in 2003.

Back in 1996, I vaguely know that something like Lomography existed. I read about it in the newspaper and somehow got attracted by the idea of it. I was sixteen then and I had other stuff to do. But, I already liked taking pictures with an old auto focus camera owned by my dad.

Seven years later, I accidentally stumbled upon the Lomography website. I browsed through all the LomoHomes and I was pretty much blown away by the sheer awesomeness of all these incredible photographs. I just wanted to take such pictures, too. To cut the long story short, I got totally hooked. I was still a student then so for the next few weeks, I literally lived on water and crackers to save money for one of these marvelous promises of Lomographic enjoyment.

Taken using Lomo LC-A. Photos by bugs.

Was the Lomography product yours or did you borrow it from a relative or friend?
This one is all mine and still is. After all these years, it still works as if it was assembled yesterday. True Russian quality.

How was the experience? Any funny or strange occurrences?
When I finally got my LC-A, I thought that by just pointing the camera on something and hitting the release button I will also have a photo bag full of photographic rainbows and unicorns like the ones I saw on the Lomography website.

I got really surprised when I got my first roll back. It was more of a bag of blurry, shaky photos, different from the Lomographic glory I expected. But, there was one picture, still blurred like the others, that stood out. It is a night shot I took in front of a snack bar with an advertising illuminated by blue light. This light painted the pavement with the same blue color.

Credits: bugs

This is a picture that I could have never taken with my old auto focus camera. Looking at it made me realize, that although the other pictures were totally not what I expected, I am on the right way and that using the camera is all about light.

Have you used that Lomography product again? Why or why not?
Of course, I continued my quest to master the fine art of Lomographic photography. It took me five rolls or so until I got pictures that are surprisingly as great as those I saw in other people’s LomoHomes. Since then, I have lived and learned. Every now and then, I find a Lomographic rainbow and unicorn in the photo bag I receive from the lab.

Can you share us your favorite or most memorable shot from that First Lomo Affair of yours? Why is it your favorite?
This kind of difficult as there are many pictures that I really like. I think my favorite and the most memorable shot is this one from my sixth roll:

Credits: bugs

It is shaky and blurry like many of my early pictures. I have absolutely no idea what was my original motive when I took it but I was able to create something new. I call this shot “The Alien." As what you can see, the picture looks like a silhouette of an alien.

For me, this shot is the representation of all the golden rules: take your camera everywhere, use it day and night, shoot from the hip, get close, don’t think, be fast, you don’t need to know what you captured, and don’t care for the rules.

How did Lomo LC-A influence you as a Lomographer?
It showed me what I could be if I stop trying too hard. :)

Taken using LC-A. Photos by bugs.

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What camera serves as your first Lomo love? How did your first date go? What’s your fondest memory with it? Tell us what it feels like to fall in love with Lomography for the first time! Send us your story at

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