Do You Know LomoAmiga: Oleñka Carrasco?


Let us introduce you the analogical artist Oleñka Carrasco. This Thursday, she inaugurates her exhibition in Lomography Echegaray and Saturday, she offers a workshop with Lomography Spain full of creativity. Here you’ll start to know a bit more about her.

Name: Oleñka Carrasco
Location: Venezolana living in Madrid
Lomohome: mmeolenka

Credits: mmeolenka

Hi Oleñka, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My geographical origin is Venezuela, but I lived and traveled to many places, so I feel/recognize myself from everywhere.

I need to tell stories like a child needs imagination. I need to travel like a fish needs water… and now, I’ve got two inseparable mates that stimulate my creativity and who are protagonists of all of this: my HOLGA and my Underwood.

I am more a writer than a photographer. I am no photographer, and maybe not a writer either… I just need to tell stories.

The Analogical Project is my first big fiction project. It’s my world!

Now, tell us about the wonderful world of your Analogical Project: a Holga, an Underwood 1970 typing machine, the Extraordinary Analogical Stories… What is it all about?

The analogical project appears in 2010 as a continuation of my passionate game of making up thematical scrap-books, now enriched with the inclusion of analog elements of pictures and writings.

The surrealist automatism is mixed with pictures of an ironic world with a taste of remembrance. Compositions of pictures and texts are developed in big layers that are used as a support to tell a story. The image and the word unite to share a travel to a new way of expression.

It’s a project that stands out the return of the analogic from its most primal state and encourage improvisation and research of the instant creativity. The images and the text are never are thought out. The exercise of writing is based on the “surrealist automatism” and the photography on the Lomography premise: “Don’t think, shoot”.

In this project I finalize my first scrap-book in 2012. The story of my first Analogical Project book started in 2011. Underwood on the desk, Holga stalking, I someday dusted off some scrap-book I’ve been offered and I created a handmade scrap-book full of pictures and stories. I didn’t plan the writing nor the pictures. I just came back home with my negatives recently developed and the childish adventure began.

The pictures of my Holga, with its disparate colours, with its light stains, with its non-uniform grain, filled my eyes with characters, places and made me jump on my Underwood to release on her the disparate shots of rounded keys whose bullseye was the paper they were hitting.

That’s how my first photobook was born, and its content will be exhibited for the first time in Madrid on December the 12th in Lomography Echegaray.

If you want to know more regarding the project, you can check my website out (for the moment available just in Spanish and French)

Un relato llamado “El Oubliette”. Portada e Interior.

What inspires Oleñka Carrasco?

Travels, cities, ironical worlds, forgotten places, phonographs, scrap-books…

If you could teleport yourself to any place in the world right now, with your camera, a bag full of peanuts and your typing machine, where would you go and why?

I might go back to Japan, China or Nepal : such colours in those countries! But I think I would go to any place you’d take me to, as every place in the world has a story to write or take in picture.

Any funny anecdote you had regarding your Olga or your Underwood 1970?

Beside the fact that each time I walk by with the Holga around my neck, people come closer and ask me if it’s for real or to take them a picture, one of the best anecdotes I had was a few time ago as I was exhibiting my work in France. A group of children who were on a scholar excursion didn’t know what a typing machine was; their faces, as they were realizing it actually worked, will remain unforgettable to me… They were asking me where was the “Enter” button, got frustrated as they couldn’t erase the text they had written and spent a lot of energy as they had to push hard the keys… Don’t mention about when I showed them the Holga: they all insisted to see the picture I had taken and didn’t understand that a camera had a film roll to develop and didn’t have any screen to watch the result.

If you had to describe your Holga with 5 words, which ones would they be?

Inspiration, magic, dreams, stories, colour…

What should the attendees expect from your Lomography Workshop next Saturday 14??

The people who are interested in coming to the workshop have to know they will have something more than a workshop. In addition to be highly practical, the attendees will enter into the Extraordinary Analogical Stories world : they will enjoy a stroll to this surrealist place in which creativity and imagination are the queens and will be the tools to build your own story… It is impossible to know what will come out of this because it remains in each one’s head… The analogical photography and the typing machines will be our guides in the discovering of what we are going to do…

Thank you Oleñka! See you on Thursday for your Analogical Project inauguration, in Lomography Echegaray.

You can’t wait until Thursday to enjoy Oleñka’s analogical magic? Check her LomoHome out: mmeolenka!

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translated by mmeolenka

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