My First Roll of Lomochrome Purple 400


I placed a pre-order for this film maybe 6 or 7 months ago. I’ll let you guess how ecxited I was when I received the package last week. I was like a kid in a candy store so I decided to spend the next Sunday in a park I have never been before. The Park Monceau in Paris. The weather was perfect for a first try with this purple gem!

Park Monceau with the LomoChrome Purple

I quietly read everything I could about this film before loading it in my Nikon F2. I wanted to know as much as possible how the *LomoChrome Purple* film reacts to different ISO settings. My question was also about which color becomes which and also what was the best ISO to get a strong contrast?

After all my investigation, I decided to shoot at ISO 200 and try double exposures at different apertures. So we arrived at the park around 2pm, the sun was cloudy but the sun was bright. The color of the trees, flowers and plants were great.

I shot a few simple frames, little garden, plants, flowers, etc. to get a clear view of the 1st layers I was about to use for the double exposures.

simple exposure

Then I started doubling my pictures with a slight underexposed setting to avoid overexposures, and the result was stunning! For a first try I’m quite happy with the results.

double exposure

And I ended with a few double exposed portraits of my girlfriend against a wall full of green mousse or moisture. I don’t know what to think about the results but I like the depth of the first layers.

Credits: dudizm

You can see the rest of the film in my page! I hope this review gave you the pinch to order some of those purple bullets! I can’t wait to shoot my second roll next week!

written by dudizm on 2014-03-02 #gear #review #purple-pink-lomo-nikon-f2-nature-park-flower-tree-double-portrait-texture

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