See Things Up Close with the Konstruktor Macro Lens


Night shots, multiple and long exposures, landscapes, portraits, we think we’ve seen it all with the Lomography Konstruktor. But this nifty DIY SLR camera has more up its sleeves. This cute and little shooter also fares quite well in the macro department!

Credits: ed-walker-5059

Shoot up close and personal photos with the Konstruktor by snapping on the Macro Lens! This little addition to the Konstruktor’s arsenal brings a whole new area of excitement for the DIY wonder. Visit a miniature world with the Macro Lens and be amazed at how detailed your photos can get. Sometimes, it’s the little details that can bring out the biggest results. All these and more with the *Konstruktor SuperKit*!

Credits: shin-green, weedos, somapic, kekskonstrukt, dop & rocafish

Get the Macro Lens along with the Close-up Lens for the Konstruktor when you get the Konstruktor SuperKit. This new addition to the Konstruktor line lets you shoot sharp close-up and macro photos with ease. Or to complete your DIY package, get the Konstrukor Bundle or make your own DIY Bundle to tailor fit your shooting needs. Jump to the Online Shop and create a DIY path to analogue fun with Lomography.

written by cheeo on 2014-02-26 #lifestyle #macro #konstruktor #superkit

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