Introducing the Konstruktor Super Kit


We’re thrilled to present the ultimate creative kit for building your own 35mm SLR Camera and Acceesories. Order now and get fantastic savings!

For the first time ever, enjoy the complete do-it-yourself analogue experience with the brand new Konstruktor Super Kit!

Guaranteed to please analogue fans with a knack for DIY challenges, the new Konstruktor Super Kit includes the Konstruktor DIY 35mm Camera, Chimney Hood and Close Up Lenses in one cool package. Learn how analogue photography works as you put it all together; afterwards you can take really amazing photos with the distinct Lomographic quality – vibrant colors, wonderful sharpness and creative details! What’s more, this all-in-one creative kit offers great savings compared to buying the items individually.

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Shot with the Macro Lens

Photos by: opon21 and pearlgirl77

Shot with the Close Up Lens

Photo by: stratski, shin-green, alexyz

Konstruktor with the Chimney Hood

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written by shhquiet on 2014-02-26 #news #diy #35mm #color-slides #konstruktor #konstruktor-super-kit

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