Lierenfeld Betriebshof - Not the first sightseeing location in Düsseldorf


Lierenfeld Betriebshof is located at the Lierenfelder street and at the moment the newest depot for trams in Düsseldorf. It’s not a sightseeing spot but this makes it even more interesting for me to discover!

Another delivery when I hadn’t been at home – this time is was waiting for a packet with many films and an action sampler camera. Always when I’m waiting for films I’m getting very impatient, and so I took advance from the possibility to collect the packet at the same day at the UPS station in the Lierenfeld street. Unfortunatly my Diana Flash was broken, and so I passed many great picture possibilities without taking any, cause it was late in the evening and getting dark. But I swore to myself to come back again.

The next possibility came when I was witing for my fisheye lense which was again delivered by UPS. The next day I had a day off and luckily it was one of the first sunny days this year! So I packed my camera and made my way to Lierenfeld for taking pictures. There is also an area where traffic signs are stocked and I love taking pictures of traffic signs!

This area has also a very personal history for me… some years ago, I had a great time at Cafe Rosa and went there nearly every week for the Thursday evening happenings! Unfortunatly it closed at the Beginning of 2009, and everything that remains on it is a weathered rainbow flag at the old post box.

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