Lomopedia: Konica Centuria Super 400


Manufactured by Konica during its heyday, this high-ISO color negative film is a reliable option for both indoor and outdoor photography — if you can still get your grabby hands on some rolls!

Image via chan.nds.hk

These days, hardly anything is known and posted online about Konica Centuria Super 400 except that it — and the rest of Konica’s films (actually, there used to be a lot) — came to be marketed under the Konica Minolta and DNP brand names. Konica merged with Minolta in 2003, but just three years later, Konica Minolta eventually stepped away from the photographic product business. Dai Nippon Printing took over its photographic paper, chemistry, and film business after acquiring the Odagawara, Kanagawa factory.

Image via DNP Website

DNP relaunched the Centuria brand in 2007 with three types — Centuria 100, Centuria 200, and Centuria 400 — but discontinued it two years later. Still, there were several speculations that these films were actually old stocks by Konica Minolta or even rebranded versions of other films.

DNP described the Centuria 400 as a film that “combines ease of use and superior picture quality,” whose “high sensitivity is matched by superb fine-grained detail, so you’ll get sharp, beautiful photos shooting outdoors during the day, indoors, or at night.” Going with the conclusion that Konica/Konica Minolta Centuria Super 400 and DNP Centuria 400 are one and the same, let’s take a look at some photos by our fellow lomographers tagged under these films:

Credits: bananablizzard0, libellula, why-yu, _haustor, plyshbel, denisesanjose & plasticpopsicle

Editor’s Note: Personally, I find that this fine-grained high ISO film has soft, slightly muted colors and sometimes yellowish tones that create perfectly retro-looking photos. I once tried shooting with a roll of Konica Minolta Centuria Super 400, but never got to find a roll or two again. Then, I came across DNP Centuria 100 and 400 films without knowing back then that they’re the same Konica films I’ve been wanting to shoot with again!

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