First Impressions of the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit by Kevin Schraer

2014-02-26 2

Kevin Schraer of Tucson, Arizona has road tested the much-talked about Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, the results of which we’ve stumbled upon on his Flickr page a few weeks ago. Check out our interview with him after the jump!

Hello, Kevin! Before we begin, kindly give us a short introduction about yourself and your background/work in photography.

I’ve loved photos since I was a little kid. Cameras are magical devices which freeze a moment in time. My mom always kept a well-organized photo album, and I have always enjoyed looking at old memories. I take pictures for fun, and if I like a shot, that is all that matters to me. If anyone else likes it, then I am happy to have that effect on someone.

Please share with us your first impressions using the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit. What camera did you use it with?

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3. I couldn’t wait to play with the *Lomography Experimental Lens Kit*. My first impressions were that it is an affordable, fun way to get creative with a micro-four thirds camera. The various colored filters, fisheye, standard, and wide-angle lenses offer a wide variety of possibilities.

What did you like most about shooting with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit?

I enjoy the filters, as changing colors dramatically recreates the environment around me. I also like the wide-angle lens for landscape shots.

In your Flickr album that contains your sample shots, we’ve noticed that you seemed to have had a blast using the color filters that came with the lens! That said, we’re curious – which feature or function of the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit did you enjoy shooting with the most?

I absolutely love the filters! The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit is about experimenting, and there’s plenty to be had with the various colored filters and lenses.

Based on your experience, what do you think are the best subjects or the best situation to use the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit with/in? Do you have any tips, tricks, and other techniques that you can share with us?

Most of my photos are of the outdoors, so for me, the best time to use the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit is when there are clouds in the sky, mountains in the background, and cactus in the foreground. For me, these three elements help create a wonderful photo, especially when using colored filters.

In regards to tips, I recommend using a dark colored filter on a bright, sunny day. Likewise, using a light colored filter when it is overcast seems to produce the best results.

Among all the shots that you have taken, which ones are your favorites and why?

This is a photo of Tuzigoot, ruins of a Native American civilization. I like the rock walls lit up in orange, while the sky has a purplish color.

This is a typical Sonoran Desert scene. I enjoy the purple hues, and like how the saguaro cactus, mountains, and clouds blend together.

In this photo, the oranges in the landscape capture my attention, while the purples in the sky add a psychedelic touch.

Any last words?

If you have a micro four-thirds camera, you shouldn’t think twice about getting the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit. If you don’t have a micro four-thirds camera, the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit may inspire you to acquire one!

All photos in this article were sourced from Kevin Schraer’s Lomography Experimental Lens Kit album on Flickr.

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    Thanks for the interview! ~Kevin

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