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We have a theory that most, if not all intrepid travelers dream of having an adventure in the exotic Kingdom of Morocco. Do you have it on your list of must-visit destinations as well?

The mere mention of Morocco, a country situated in the Maghreb region of North Africa, is certainly enough to make an ardent traveler dream of exotic experiences, fascinating sights, and unique adventures — and we totally understand why. Geographically, Morocco is one of only three countries to have coastlines in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the other two being Spain and France. Aside from this, the country also has a rugged mountainous interior and large desert areas, treating visitors to a myriad of natural wonders and exotic activities.

Morocco is also known for its rich history and colorful culture, evident in the various points of interest and tourist spots scattered around the country. Rabat is its political capital, but perhaps Marrakech, the fourth largest city, is the best known and most visited. Other popular and important cities are Casablanca (the country’s chief port and industrial center), Tangier, and Fes.

Now, allow us to treat you with some sights around Morroco through some photos taken by our lucky and adventurous lomographers:

Credits: neja, sandravo, nike-liscaljet, baijiu89, elvismartinezsmith, warning, dida & gui_llaume

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